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A Special Place to Grow

At King’s Way Preschool, we love, respect and honor childhood!  We utilize a play-based approach to learning.    We thoughtfully construct an exciting environment where little ones are able to learn through doing what they do best - playing.


Teachers and children co-construct their learning experience through observation, intentional planning, and active exploration of materials. Studies of language, science and math are balanced with gardening, art, dramatic play and music. We take these studies outside whenever possible because we know that God’s creation makes the best classroom!


Learning letters and numbers are important, sure - we definitely do that.  But we believe the most important thing we can help our young learners do is develop strong character. You will see your child blossom as we cultivate spirits of gratitude, compassion, friendship, empathy and self-regulation.  


It is our hope that each child entrusted in our care would emerge a socially capable, creative, well-mannered child with a passion for learning and with the skills needed for a successful academic future.


Above all, we will strive to instill our little ones with a love for Jesus and a love for others.

Acorn Class
  Ages 1 - 2 years
Sprout Class
  Ages 2 - 3 years
Oak Class
  Ages 3 years+
  Ages 5-6
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