We believe that the most important thing we can do is help children develop a love for God and an understanding of His commandments.  We believe that the message of God's love shouldn't be sacrificed for a quality early learning program.  We weave Bible stories and Christian values throughout our curriculum. 


We believe children learn best through play.  Research greatly supports this belief.  Young ones learn the most when they are actively engaged, the topic is meaningful, and they are given the opportunity to freely explore hands-on activities.  Our students play hard!  We're not afraid to make a mess - sometimes the best learning experiences end with a change of clothing!

Character Building

We believe the early years are a critical time for developing a strong character. We utilize a gentle, encouraging approach to learning that builds confidence and encourages self-regulation.  In all we do, we strive to cultivate a spirit of kindness, peacefulness, and empathy because we know God calls us to love others and treat them well.

Outdoor Play

We believe God's creation makes the best classroom.  We take learning outside EVERY day - rain or shine - on our beautiful 37 acre property because nature provides a rich curriculum for little learners.  It is the perfect platform for experiential learning topics like plants, animals, weather and seasons. We don't just talk about these ideas during circle time - we experience them first hand!

Real Food Snacks

We believe you're never too young to learn about nutrition and making healthy food choices.  We serve a real-food snack every day.  We include the children in food prep as much as possible because we know cautious eaters are more likely to try new things if they have a hand in the creation.  It is our hope to encourage healthy eating habits that last a lifetime!

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